How does the photo booth work?

The photo booth mobile app feature to give you an option to have more fun with your photos. 

  • Select the Photo Booth option from the green Action Menu icon on the home screen. 
  • Once opened, select the layout you'd like to use for your strip.
  • When you are ready,  click the green shutter button to start the countdown.  When each countdown ends for the number of items in the layout it will snap a photo.
  • Once all the photos have been taken, it will show you a preview of the strip which you can keep or redo. 
  • If you keep it and continue, you can add a Look to it if you want to make it different. 

Note: You can disable the automatic countdown and take each photo when you are ready by clicking on Auto at the top to disable the countdown.  You can also disable the audio beep for the countdown by clicking on the speaker icon at the

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