How do OfficialMe Events work?

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Creating an OfficialMe Event is a way to notify users that you are having a gathering, touring or function of some kind.  OfficialMe events allow your guests to add media to your event if you allow them to using the "Allow uploads from attendees" option on the new event form. 

There are 3 event types to chose from, Promotional, Touring and Personal. 

  • Promotional is mostly used for promotional account and events like a book signing, workshop, or just about anything. 
  • Touring can be used to notify users of touring/travel events by artists, bands, model shows etc.
  • Personal events can be anything such as a family get together, cook out, happy hour, holiday party or anything you think of.

You can create personal or promotional events and invite anyone you want by using the "Who's Invited?" option on the new event form.

Events notify the users you have invited so that they are aware of your new event. 

You can allow users to RSVP to your events depending on the event type so that you can get an estimate of who may be there.  If RSVP is not applicable to your event, you can turn that off. 

Examples of how you can use events for personal or promotional use:

Ex 1.   You have a promotional account and you are an Author going on a book signing tour.  You can create an event with the date and time, location and the details of your event, and it will notifiy the users you have invited them to your book signing. 

Ex 2.  You have a personal account and are having a wedding and you want to create an event specifically for the reception time of your wedding day. Then you can send an event invite to your guests during the wedding reception your guests can use the event to capture photos and videos that will be added to your events page. This will allow you to have images from all your guests perspective since almost everyone has a smart phone. No more using dispoable cameras on the tables which require developing. 

Ex 3.  You have a night club and are having a special guest DJ appearing and want to notify your fans of your profile that you will be having this event.  You can create an event with the data time and details and it will notify your fans of this event.  The event owner or admin, can then broadcast live from the event and show the event live which may help with the club promotion. Also if allowed, guest at the club can upload media to your events and it will be visible on the events page for all to see how much fun everyone had. 

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