Can I find people other than by name?

Yes,  OfficialMe has an advanced search feature which allows you to find users by name, account type,  keywords, location and proximity based location. 

  • From the main timeline screen, click on the search icon in the top header.
  • Click on the filter people search icon in the right hand corner and enter information in the fields you'd like to seach by. 


For example is you only what to search for accounts that are listed as Athletes, you would choose Model from the Account Type  field and hit search to locate all accounts listed as a Model. 

Search fields are cumalitve so you can search by one more criteria. So for example you can search for Model accounts in the United States only. 

If you want to get more pricise with the location, you can narrow it down to a city or even within a certain distance from that city.  Example you are looking for Model accounts that live within 40 miles of Dallas Te

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