How do I take a photo?

On OfficialMe you can take a photo from the app or upload photos from your devices storage. 

OfficialMe gives you the flexibility to capture things the way you want. You can take photos in portrait,  landscape or square. 

  1. To take a photo, click on the round orange button with the + sign on the main timeline screen. 
  2. Once the menu pops up, click on Post MediaNote you will have to accept permissions for the  app to access the camera functions. 
  3. Use the camera button at the bottom to take a picture. 
  4. The editor will open and you can use the editing tools or add Looks to your photo before posting it. 
  5. On the post screen, select the album or circle you wish to put this in.  (You can create add'l albums or circles if needed here as well)
  6. Add a description, place and or watermark if you wish to use these options. 
  7. Then click the checkmark in the right hand corner to post it. 

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