What information is required to become a paid creator?

When you apply for a creator account, we will require identity verification information. It's a quick simple process that we provided with a wizard to collect the necessary information.  

  • Full Legal Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Tax Payper ID number for tax purposes.  That will vary by country.  In the US it's typically your social security number. 
  • Bank account where payouts are sent

In some cases, a valid physical state ID or Drivers license might be required for further validation. You'll be notified in the creator admin if this is required during the review process. 

Note: OfficialMe does not store any of the above sensitive info on its servers or databases. The info is securely stored with Stripe our payment provider. We use secure tokens to manage and transmit data to and from Stripe. 

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